TV/I Never Would’ve Guessed It…

First, the lesser interesting news. I bought a TV on Monday. It was a better deal than anything on any of the leaked Black Friday ads, so, I went out to Best Buy and got them to hold it for me until today, when my brother was coming through town so he could bring it to my apartment for me. So, I finally have a TV in my room, after experimenting with stupid TV tuners for my computer for a year and a half and almost buying a crappy small TV. I just need to buy a stand for it this weekend.

Now, the more interesting news. I never would’ve guessed it, but my blog actually did something good for me. If you’ve been keeping up with my posts about the editor-in-chief of the Tiger Weekly putting something from my blog in the paper, then you also know that he’s been in contact with me. Well, on Tuesday he asked me if I wanted to write a technology news column starting in the spring, when his current technology writer will be leaving. I told him yes, after asking a few questions, so, assuming my first article goes well, which I think is like my testing period, then I’m all set. I’m kind of excited, so I hope I’m good at this. I’ve never really wrote news stuff. Most of my writing is very opinionated, and I’ll have to keep that out of a news column. I really like writing though when it’s about something I like or something I want to write, like um, I dunno, this blog? :P

Anyway, weekend coming up. Good thing, I need it. Business Process project and Visual Basic assignment made me all stressed out and stuff this week, and I still have to do a Visual Basic practice exam unless I want to do badly on the computer exam on Monday. Fun.


One thought on “TV/I Never Would’ve Guessed It…

  1. Yay! I didn’t know you’d decided to take the news column. You’ll hafta send or post links! And I think that the first article should say that you know and fully accept that you’re an Apple fanboy :D
    Anyway, it’s pretty exciting!

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