Pre-Thanksgiving Post

My economics teacher is being nice enough to not cancel class tomorrow. What an asshat. I’m not going, though. I’ll be with Michelle, far, far away from the pain and suffering of “learning” about money and banking.

Speaking of pain and suffering, I got a 68 on my last Business Law exam, which makes absolutely no sense to me, considering I studied well and understood the information pretty well – well enough to be able to apply it proficiently, and I even kind of thought it was interesting. Class is so disappointing. :

Last night’s episode of Heroes definitely wasn’t disappointing though! Also, they played an unreleased Panic! At the Disco song in it, which was kind of weird.

Anyway, I’m out of here. Thanksgiving break is starting for me, right about….now! :D


2 thoughts on “Pre-Thanksgiving Post

  1. Because nice teachers give off on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and that’s how it’s always been, even though LSU is retarded enough to not give us off in the first place.

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