Regarding Text Messages

Dear everyone that has my phone number,

Last month, I tested out the unlimited texting plan on my phone to see how many texts I’d use when I didn’t have to worry about going over.

The answer is slightly less than 300. Because of this, I cannot justify paying $15 or $20 a month on 1500 or unlimited texts, respectively. I reduced my texting plan to 200, and the reason for this is that I’m never away from AIM. Seriously. Any time you feel like sending me a text, look on AIM first. If I’m online or if I’m “away on iPhone using IM+,” then send me an IM rather than a text.

Just so no one misunderstands – I am not doing this because I don’t feel like texting. I actually like texting. The simple fact is that I’m already getting raped for $30/month for a data plan from AT&T, and it kills me to pay $20/month more for something that should essentially be included in the data plan, since that’s all a text message is – data. I have a data plan, so I’m going to use it.

I’m not trying to discourage anyone from texting me if you actually need to, just please keep it to necessary stuff. I’d love to hear from you on AIM, otherwise. Thanks all. :D


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