February 26


I haven’t posted anything here in a while, and that’s because I’ve been focused on Iterate for apparently over half a year now.  I honestly didn’t realize I started writing it in late June, but apparently that is the case.

Anyway, Iterate will be published soon, but much more info can be found at the link above, which is my author portfolio site.  I don’t plan on publishing writings there, and I might link to this site from there in the future.

Also, I have posted entire chapters from novels here in the past, and while I may continue to do this as sort of a single-chapter promotional thing, going forward, this site will be flash fiction, short stories, and the ever-so-rare poem only.

Stay tuned.

February 27

Siberia (unfinished)

I’ve never posted an unfinished story here, but there’s a first time for everything.  I thought it would be interesting to share this, because I have no intentions of finishing it, as the mood I was in while writing it is long gone and will likely never return.

The ocean stretched out before Raye, a veritable expanse of vast nothingness, despite whatever may lurk below the choppy whitecaps of the surface.  She took a step up on the railing and hung over the edge of the ship to admire the way the water was cut and displaced in waves by the hunk of metal she was on.

“Be careful, Raye.”

Clark knew she had a daring sense of adventure, but it scared him just a bit to see her hanging over the railing like that.

“I’m always careful.”

“Except for the time you fell overboard late last year.”

Raye turned to him and winced.

“That was a fluke.”

The ship was as long as an 18-wheeler and 2 and a half times the width.  Its white hull was stained with seawater and barnacles, but the wooden deck was as clean as a living room floor.  It was Raye and Clark’s home, after all.  The ship was their castle; their seaworthy abode and escape.

“Yeah, well flukes can happen twice.”

Raye turned around and stuck her tongue out at Clark.

“Is that gesture supposed to annoy me?”

“No, it’s supposed to make you lighten up.”

“Like that’ll happen.”

Clark turned around and headed back to the deck where he steered the ship from.  He gripped the wheel in his hands, admiring how the worn wood felt smooth against his skin.

February 6

Untitled “James and Kimberly” Novel

The last 2 posts on this blog are the first couple of chapters of my recently finished novel, which currently has no title.  I wrote it in 37 days – 80,162 words total after one pass of editing.  Not sure how I feel about it yet, but once I give it a solid read-through in one sitting, I think I’ll know.

That’s also the reason I haven’t posted anything here lately.  There will be no more chapters from this story posted here.

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November 2


I originally planned on finishing all of my “No Sleep” stuff on Halloween, but that didn’t happen.  It’s finished now, and I think I’m done with that for a while.

However, I hereby dub November “Poem-vember.”  I never write poetry, mostly because I’m terrible at it, but that whole “practice makes perfect” thing is pretty true, so here’s a month dedicated to at least trying.

I’d also like to note that they’re all about something in particular. They’re not just random words about a broad subject.  I am actually putting forth an effort here.

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