Pokémon Go…or something, whatever

A lot of things have happened since I’ve last updated my blog, but each time I think about writing a post, I realize I’m not entirely sure what I want to share here anymore.  Twitter is the best resource to keep up with what’s going on my life right now, to be honest.  My blog has turned into more of a place for me to dump long-form thoughts.

That said, time to dump some thoughts. :D

I’ve been playing a lot of Pokémon Go, and despite its tumultuous rollout, I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.  There’s a gym down the street from where I live, and three more within reasonable walking distance, where I can also hit 9 Pokéstops along the way.  It’s a long walk, but I enjoy it.

A lot of the game mechanics are sort of…broken, or “unbalanced” is a better word, I guess.  Stardust doesn’t scale very well, evolved Pokémon trade in for the same amount of candy as their unevolved counterparts, Pokéstops have seemingly recently all but stopped dropping hyper potions…the list goes on.  Niantic has had, and continues to have, their heads in the sand for the most part, especially with the tracking issue, which was made even worse by their complete lack of communication for weeks.

I think a lot of people quit the game, but even with certain things still broken or very unbalanced, I continue to play.  I won’t spend any real money on the game until they address the issues, but the game is still very much playable (which is not something I could say with much confidence for the first few weeks).  Right now, what’s fun for me is collecting Pokémon and specifically focusing on keeping the gym down the street.

Oh, and I guess I should mention that I’m dumb and didn’t realize the teams were based on the legendary birds.  I chose Team Valor (red team) for a completely dumb reason (didn’t understand how gyms worked), and totally didn’t realize I should’ve been on Team Instinct.  (Anyone that knew me back in the day knows Zapdos was my favorite Pokémon).  Valor is the last team I would’ve picked if I had understood gyms, because Moltres is my least favorite legendary bird and red is my least favorite color of the three.  Sigh.  At this point though, even if they introduce a mechanic to switch teams, I’m not sure that I would.

In non-Pokémon-related news, I bought a new car about a month and a half ago.  It’s been at the point for a long time now that with my back/nerve problem, driving a sports compact with a manual was making less and less sense.  This is one of the few things I haven’t posted about on social media, mostly because it almost feels like bragging, when in reality I liked my BRZ a lot and had planned to keep it for a long time otherwise, and now I just want to be comfortable.  My new car has Apple CarPlay, by the way, which I will say is awesome and I don’t think I’d buy another car that didn’t either come with it or couldn’t be upgraded to it via an aftermarket unit.

Also, I think it goes without saying here that this election is ridiculous.  Anyone that knows me probably knows who I’m voting for, but I will say it is nice to have Bernie out of the picture.  To me, he’s been the most frustrating politician to emerge out of the woodwork this season, demagoguing his way into relevancy in a near-Trumpian fashion, only to sell out in the end to the very establishment he claimed to be so separate from.  What a joke.  He honestly cannot fade back into obscurity quickly enough.

So that’s that for a while.  Happy Pokémon hunting.  :)

Nerd things

Well, iPhone 5 is pretty nice.  It’s noticeably lighter than my iPhone 4, and it’s nice to have a fully functioning home button again.  The front-facing camera is pretty spiffy, and I feel like I can probably take decent pictures with it now that are a lot less grainy.

The biggest issue so far is the new dock connector (Lightning) – which, don’t get me wrong, I really like it, but I am used to having four dock cables plus the built in one in my Nissan.  Now I have only one and can’t use the iPhone 5 in my Nissan to play music.  I guess somewhat fortunately, the Alpine head unit in there is old and starting to have issues anyway (sometimes when I touch it or hit a bump, it turns off and turns back on), so I just went ahead and bought a new one rather than shelling out $30 for the dock/Lightning adapter, and now the new head unit should charge my phone (old one didn’t) and also do Bluetooth calling, which means I will actually be able to make phone calls in that car now.  Driving a manual is pretty prohibitive of holding a phone to your ear, which I guess is a good thing in its own way, but sometimes you have to make calls.  I guess I’ll just need to buy another Lightning cable, and I’ll be all set.

And LTE is pretty awesome.

Of course, the speed depends on where you are, and it’s much slower/sometimes not available at my house, but the speed above is pretty awesome considering my home Internet is about 13 Mbps.

I also bought an Intel 330 SSD for Melfina and two 4 GB sticks of RAM.  It’s been a really long time since I’ve bought computer parts, especially for legitimate upgrades to my main computer.  I’m really happy with Melfina, but the 80 GB capacity on my Intel X-25M G2 is not cutting it anymore, and RAM is just so cheap these days ($36 total) that there’s really no point in not making that upgrade, especially now that I’ll have the disk space for the larger swap file.

Also…I started playing World of Warcraft.  I managed to avoid that game for like eight years, but Sam plays it.  It’s something to do together, and those things come in short supply with the distance between us.  Playing an MMO brings back memories of Ragnarok, but I have been having those recently anyway due to the best new anime of the last season, Sword Art Online, which I highly recommend.

Oh yeah, and I got a new job that I start this week.  :D


I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything of linguistic substance, but lately I haven’t had much to post about besides Evey.

First of all, Katy Perry’s MTV Unplugged live CD is absolutely amazing. I love her voice so much. She did a brilliant cover of a Fountains of Wayne song, and the entire album has a “lounge” feel to it. It’s really worth checking out if you appreciate beautiful singing.


Yesterday I hit the 400 mile mark on Evey. When I got the car, it had 20 miles on it from the factory and the PDI at the dealership, and I took a picture at 22. The odometer reading grows so quickly. :P Come tomorrow, I’ll have owned her for a week, and I couldn’t be happier. Every time I walk up to it, I smile. There’s liking your car, and then there’s this – finally having a car that I once called a dream car. I just flat out love this car. It’s so much fun to drive. :D Everything about it is fantastic, right down to my switchblade key. I think between the Camaro and the Chevy Volt, GM is really looking up (Chevy Volt > all hybrids).

Last week was pretty awesome. I took off on Wednesday to pick up my car, and then I had the rest of the week off for Thanksgiving to enjoy it.

And speaking of Thanksgiving, I hope everyone had a good one. I usually make a post about being thankful, but I guess I’ve just been neglectful of my poor blog lately. :( We had delicious food (duck and deer, mmmm), and I have plenty of leftovers in my freezer right now. The rest of the holiday was spent with family and friends.

Now, it’s Christmas time and I guess I should be happier about that, but I really enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday. :P The tree is up at my parents’ and I put up a little one at the apartment, though I only turned on the lights once.

Other than that, I’ve been watching way too much anime and playing Starfox 64 a good bit. :)

I need to get back in the habit of updating this thing regularly, because I hate making this catch-up posts where I have to condense a bunch of crap into something readable (or slightly readable :P).


Make Way For Kat!

This past week has been pretty awesome. I used to have a lot of boring days, but not lately. I even went to Bourbon Street with MC, her two friends from Arkansas, Becca, and Joseph! I had a hurricane from Pat O’Brien’s on the 4 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina…pretty unintentional, but kind of funny nonetheless. It was so much fun! :D

I also saw Inglorious Basterds on Sunday with Trent, GP, and one of their friends that I don’t know that well, but have met before (Drew). Incredible movie. Definitely watch it if you’re not squeamish.

So, I know I do this off and on with bands I like, but I’ve been really into Fall Out Boy’s lyrics lately. It (re)started with “My Heart is the Worst Kind of Weapon,” but I just realized what one of the allusions in “Headfirst Slide into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet” means, and it’s just incredible.

And does your husband know the way that the sunshine gleams from your wedding band?
Does he know the way, does he know the way of the crickets that would convince me to call it a night?

So the song (in my opinion), is about an affair this dude is having with a married woman, which you can tell from that first line. But the second line I never understood. But then, thanks to the Internet, I realized that “crickets” was a reference to Jiminy Cricket, who was Pinnochio’s conscience. So that second line is basically saying that his conscience is trying to make him quit having this affair, which is such a simple thing to say, and this song has such an incredible way of saying it. AHHH, I love how awesome Fall Out Boy’s lyrics are, and Patrick’s vocals are incredible in this song.

This YouTube video automatically starts at the above mentioned lines, and the lines immediately following those lines are sung so emotionally powerfully, it’s just epic.

Also, I have been playing Starfox 64 a little. My old high score is so epic, there’s no way I’ll ever even get close again, haha.


Xbox 3(years late)60

I bought an Xbox 360 Arcade and Guitar Hero World Tour (the version with just a guitar, not the whole band kit) the other day. Mostly because I’m bored and it gives me something to do. Guitar Hero World Tour had a better song list than Rock Band 2, and I don’t really need a hard drive or a headset or the 2 crappy games that came with the Xbox 360 Premium, so that’s my justification for why I bought those two things in particular.

If I don’t get bored with it within a couple of months, then it’s at least a better purchase than my endeavor with the Wii!

Wish there was some Fall Out Boy on here, but at least there’s Paramore. :P



A while back when I bought Halo 2 for PC, I got Shadowrun for free. Now, I wasn’t expecting much out of a free game, but I couldn’t install it anyway because the game requirements were too much for my old desktop and my NVidia drivers for Windows Vista on my laptop blow. So, I went ahead and installed it on Gravemind last night and ended up playing for like 2 hours. It’s a really neat game – a FPS with magic!

Poppy Brothers Senior

I ordered parts to build a new PC. Yeah, Mac Pros are just too damn expensive (note that I said expensive, not overpriced. >>). Well, that knocks out my computer purchases for the next 3 years. :P Now, where are those laser TV’s I was hearing about last year? >>

Keith got an iPhone and he brought it over yesterday. The screen on that thing is absolutely gorgeous and everything works really well (except trying to talk on Meebo >>).

Why did I buy a Wii? Ha.

However, Kirby’s Avalanche FTW.

My Weekend…Because I’m That Bored

On Friday I got a call from Brian, who was at the LSU Fire School with a flat tire. I went over and got him and Josh (yeah, Red) and brought them to Auto Zone (for some fix a flat) and back, which was futile, because when Brian pumped the tire up, it had an egg in it. He couldn’t get his spare to drop down, so his parents had to come up to Baton Rouge to bring him a spare. He offered to buy me dinner, so we went to Plucker’s while Josh was in his fire school class, and I saw Kara Helgeson and Charles Beard and a couple other people that I recognized but don’t know their names.

After we ate, I went and dropped him off and then went to Clifton’s apartment to play Halo with him, Dylan, Ethan, Trent, and some other guys. I got there about 7:45 and we played until 2 A.M., so it was a good time.

Saturday I woke up at 2:15. Damn that felt good. Did some shopping too.

And right now, I’m updating my blog as I’m waiting for clips to import into iMovie. Yes ladies and gents, “Team I.S. – The Movie” has started production. Fear for your lives.

Next time I think of something I can talk about, I’m going to video blog it. Just because I like to be on the cutting edge of web trends and technology. …yeah.

Wii Hours of the Night

I went to Wal-Mart at 12 AM this morning to see if they’d sell me Wii Play (haha, isn’t my title witty? *cough*), but they wouldn’t. The lady was rather nasty about it too. I think she would’ve bitten my head off had I not pulled out a broken Ubuntu Live CD to slash her with. Ah, the power of open source.

Anyway, what I ended up doing instead was waking up this morning and refreshing Best Buy’s website until Wii Play’s “Coming Soon” button changed to “Add to Cart,” and then I bought it online and did In-Store Pickup, and went and got it earlier tonight. :D It’s pretty cool for a $10 game (it comes with a Wiimote, which is $40 by itself, and the game is $50 total, so $10 for the game and $40 for the Wiimote is $50). So now I’ve got all the Wiimotes I want for now until Nintendo releases a rechargeable one or something…and I’ve got a neat new little game. I think I’m done buying games for now. I might look into the new SSX game, but other than that, all I’m waiting for is Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

I studied for about 15 minutes at work yesterday and ended up with a 74 on the Mass Communication exam. I guess that’s okay, but I really wanted to do well this semester. :(

Cartel, Cobra Starship, Boys Like Girls, and apparently Permanent Me as well, I am looking forward to your concert. I hope it is awesome! I’m sure it will be.

Last week I watched Disc 1 of Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien (…Rumbling…Hearts *shiver*) and I should be getting Disc 2 in this week, so I guess to further depress myself, I’ll watch that this weekend and during the Mardi Gras break. That show can depress me all it wants to – I love it.

Glad That Didn’t Sneak Up On Me…

…*cough.* Apparently I have a Mass Communications exam today at 5 P.M. Good thing I thought it was tomorrow!!11!1111!

I’m kind of pissed off that you can’t upgrade from Windows Vista Enterprise to Windows Vista Ultimate. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a problem with the “there’s 20 different versions of Windows” thing, but now I see one of the reasons why that’s so ridiculous. Chalk another one up to Apple… Anywho, I guess I’ll just wait until I buy another computer to install my copy of Ultimate on, and I’ll just leave my nice Enterprise install alone.

Wii is still awesome, and Hotel Dusk Room 215 is a really neat game – it’s like a book really, except I get to use a stylus to touch things. :O