I setup a feed import so that all posts to my tech blog and my author profile blog automatically get imported here.  I know that, for a while, I tried to separate everything, but it basically resulted in less activity across the board and made it harder to follow what I’m doing/working on.

PhilteredTech.com is still tech.  PhilipDiStefano.com is still my author profile site.  inphiltrate.com is now an amalgamation of everything except my writing blog (inphiltrate fiction).

For those unaware, I did a podcast for a while with a few friends until they got too busy and the project died.  We talked tech, which was a good outlet for me at the time.  Lately, I’ve been blogging more about tech, and while it’s something I enjoy, I hesitate to turn this site into a tech blog.  This year, I also have some very specific new goals, namely to up my side hustle game.

This is something I’ve been working on for a while in multiple ways, and I’m headed into 2018 with three projects under my belt.  The first project is a novel I wrote in the latter half of 2017, which is still under review and editing.  I’ll be posting that here whenever it’s on Amazon.  The second project is that I’ve launched a tech analysis site, and the last project is something I won’t be talking about here (yet?).

The thing all of these projects have in common is that they’re monetized, including the tech site.  I do have a disclaimer on the side, but the site has simple Google Adwords ads (please whitelist the site if you go 😉), as well as Amazon affiliate links.  None of that affects what I’ll be writing about, but it’s there, and you should know about it.  The site is a collection of tech analysis articles that I’ve written and some product reviews, similar to what I’ve always written about here (the first few articles on the site are actually things I’ve posted here, just to get the content ball rolling).  I may do gadget comparisons in the future, and maybe some other stuff.  We’ll see.

Anyway, please check it out if you’re interested.  It’s called philteredtech.

If you’ve been here before, you’re probably wondering what happened to the last 11 years of posts.  Well, I made them private – all 737 of them, with only the post from yesterday remaining.  The old posts still exist, but I wanted a fresh start to my blog, so here we are.  I will, however, be going back and selectively approving some posts that I want to stick around – mostly tech reviews and stuff like that.

I have been neglecting my blog for a while now (this one, at least.  My writing blog has been quite active).  Realistically, I don’t ever expect myself to be as active on this site as I used to be, thanks to Twitter, but I don’t really like seeing these huge gaps in time between posts.  I’d like to try to blog at least once a week, but I think once every couple of weeks is more realistic, especially with other projects I’ve got going on.

What projects?  Well, a while back I decided that I wanted to take writing more seriously, so besides actually writing stories, I’m working on turning philipdistefano.com into my author portal, rather than having it just redirect here.  I recently finished writing a novel (it’s a shorter one, just barely over 52,000 words pre-edit), which I’m in the process of editing, so I plan on having the site ready for whenever I get that published.  Last time I published something, I made some mistakes that are rather apparent to me now (yay hindsight), so this time, I’d like to do it correctly and see how it goes in comparison.

Since my last post here, I’ve acquired quite a few new gadgets that I’d really like to talk about.  My friends and I were doing a tech podcast, which was my outlet for that sort of thing, but that project died, so I guess it’s back to writing about it here.

Also, McElroy brothers references incoming.  That is all.