I guess this is sort of an obligatory “beginning of 2015” post, so here’s what’s up:

  • My halfway-joking resolution is to rewatch Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien sometime this year because I haven’t watched it since 2012.
  • My real resolution is probably to blog more often.  I have been doing pretty good with that recently thanks to my ridiculous long gadget reviews, so I’d like to keep that up.  Definitely not as long, but more often.
  • 2014 was a pretty good year, and I don’t really have much to complain about except for developing sciatica or some other nerve issue in my left side in September/October.  Chiropractor said sciatica, but most people I’ve talked to about sciatica say that it’s debilitating, and whatever I have doesn’t seem that bad.  Gotta head to a real doctor soon and see if maybe I have skinny pants syndrome or something else.

Happy 2015 everyone!

Things Baton Rouge drivers do

It’s been a while since I’ve complained about how people in Baton Rouge can’t drive, so it’s time to remedy that.  Here’s a list of things Baton Rouge drivers do that drive me crazy (yep, that’s a driving pun):

  • Slow down to 5 MPH to take a turn when it’s perfectly safe to go at least 3 times that speed, and probably more dangerous to slow down that much.
  • Sit at traffic lights on their phones, thus causing them to take off later when the light turns green, making people behind them to have to sit there longer.
  • Complete and utter inability to either properly adjust mirrors, merge, and/or notice large, brightly colored objects in the lane next to them.
  • “What is a turn signal?”

Seriously guys, it’s very annoying.  Louisiana drivers at the worst.  Don’t believe me?  You probably should.

Things That Piss Me Off, Part 4

I would only change one thing about Part 3.  I’ll let you guess what that is.


-People that put fart boxes (“upgraded” exhausts) on vehicles with 4 cylinder engines.  It sounds awful, it’s not an upgrade, and it doesn’t make your car any cooler.

-Giant-ass rims.  There is a Camaro in the parking garage at work that has what appears to be 24’s on it.  No.  Just no.  This makes your car look worse, and for most cars breaks an otherwise clean aesthetic.


-People that wear Vans or Converse (or any other sneakers with white rubber all around the sides) and never clean them.

-Visible crew neck undershirts.  If you are wearing an undershirt, make it a v-neck that is deep enough so that it cannot be seen.  Seriously, once you realize how awful this looks, you will never do it again.

-Wearing athletic shoes when you aren’t playing a sport.  Basketball shoes and running shoes are not meant to be worn as casual sneakers.


-People that inch up behind you when you’re at a stop, especially on a hill.


-The Federal Reserve

-Spoilers.  I’m looking at you, Facebook friends.

2010 Year in Review

I think I did this last year, so I’m doing it again. This is my personal “year in review” list for the year 2010.

Best new gadget:
iPhone 4
Runner up – iPad

Most important new car:
Chevy Volt

Best new band:
Sierra Skyline

Best new album:
The EP by Sierra Skyline

Most listened-to artist (according to my last.fm account):
Lady GaGa

Most satisfying experience:
Moving out of my apartment and into my house
Runner up – Going to North Carolina.

Best new anime:

Most fabulous new anime:
Star Driver

Saddest TV moment:
The last episode of Lost

Most “like a boss” experience:
Studying 45 minutes for the GRE and subsequently getting into grad school with that score.

Biggest new obsession:

Best new movie:
I can’t decide between Inception and The Social Network. Honestly, I wanted to put Avatar here because I saw it in 2010, but it came out in 2009 so I guess it doesn’t count. Honestly, I can’t think of any truly exceptional movies that came out in 2010.

Coolest moment:
Getting my old MacBook Pro replaced with a brand new one under Apple Care 17 days before it expired.

I guess that’s all for now. Tune in next time! :P


New Year’s Resolutions 2011

I’m really not good at upholding New Year’s Resolutions. The only one I’ve really ever continuously worked on was to become ambidextrous, and I’m probably about 1/4 of the way there on that one (at least, with writing).

Last year I made a list, and after going through the 10 things I wanted to get done in 2010, I only accomplished one thing and half of another (although out of some of those things, I decided I didn’t want to do a few of them).

This year I’m going to try a similar list. I know it’s a few days late, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on these things anyway.

1) Tell people what’s on my mind, whether I think they’ll like it or not.
2) Become better at composing my thoughts when talking with someone so that I don’t feel twenty times dumber when speaking rather than writing.
3) Finish writing and editing We Put the ‘Dual’ in ‘Individual.’
4) Find another part-time writing job.
5) Blog more often. :)


2010 to do

I managed to let Christmas and New Year’s Day come and go without a blog post, so I’d like to wish a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you.

So, I am not really into making New Year’s resolutions, because I always seem to come up with one unachievable thing that will take far longer than a year to accomplish. I’m still working on my resolution from 2005 (at least, I think it was 2005), which was to learn to be ambidextrous. I’m actually pretty decent at writing with my left hand now.

Anyway, this year I’d like to just make a short list of very achievable things I would like to do, so here we go.

1.) Take a roadtrip to Massachusetts and maybe somewhere else.
2.) Upgrade Kalmiya with an SSD and some RAM.
3.) Install a cold air intake in Evey.
4.) Go to a doctor about my freaking ear.
5.) Finish the story I’m writing with at least 50,000 words.
6.) Memorize pi to 200 decimal points (currently at 80).
7.) Finish memorizing the Architect’s speech.
8.) See Creed again during their spring tour.
9.) Make at least one new friend that’s pretty spontaneous.
10.) See Panic! At the Disco, even if their tour this year doesn’t come close by. Four years of waiting is long enough.

That’s all for now. Hopefully I can get most of the things in that list done.

I also plan to make a detailed post about Evey sometime in the near future. All I’ve really done so far is post pictures of her, and I want to do a little more than that.


How to get a driver’s license in Baton Rouge

So, you want to drive in Baton Rouge, but you don’t have a license. Here are some handy tips I’ve picked up from other drivers in the LSU area and downtown.

1) Make sure to ignore street signs. Some handy ones to ignore downtown are “DO NOT ENTER” and “ONE WAY.”

2) Don’t bother learning what the colors of the lines on the road mean. Just pretend like you can drive in either lane on a two lane road with yellow lines in the middle. It’ll all work out.

3) Make sure that when a two lane road of traffic flowing in the same direction is merging into a one lane road that you wait until the last possible second to merge. Don’t bother waiting in line like everyone else. You deserve to be in front.

4) When traveling down River Road from downtown towards the Tigerlamd area, ignore when the speed limit changes from 35 to 45 to 55. Just go 40 the entire way. It won’t piss off anyone behind you.

Things that piss me off, part 3?

I seem to recall making a list like this before, but I have no idea how many or what they were about and I don’t feel like looking, so let’s just pretend like this is number 3. :D

So, here it is, things that piss me off, part 3.


-People that slow down to about 3 miles per hour to turn.
-People that turn from another street onto the one you’re on and then go really slow, especially when there’s no one behind you.
-People that get into the wrong lane in a situation where they know they’ll have to merge soon, only to pass up everyone who is waiting their turn and then merge in front of them.


-My hair.
-Shopping for business casual pants.
-Companies that don’t provide customer service that makes up for product inefficiencies.

The Internet:

-Self-righteous pricks that comprise 90% of the Reddit community (and slightly less of Digg).
-The FSF.
-Mainstream media sites that report on technology.

I think I will definitely add to this list at some point in the future. :P


What I Got – 2008 Edition

See: title.

-2 GB SO-DIMM PC2 4200 RAM
-Slim, USB-powered external DVD burner
-Kenwood KDC MP538U head unit
-Netbook sleeve
-Folie à Deux

-A really nice shirt
-A beanie
-A few gift cards
-A couple of Speed Racer things

With all of this crap, I’ve mostly been messing with my Mini 9 and getting it all set up like I want. I also installed the head unit in my car. I’ve got some pictures of the progress of both of these that I’ll share later.


Survey Results

So here’s some results from the survey I gave a few weeks ago.

-11 total responses
-Less people like when I write about anime, games, links, lists, movies, music, opinion, pictures, Tiger Weekly, TV, or Video. Out of these, the least liked appeared to be movies.
-More people like when I write about college, family, friends, humor, technology (which surprised me), and WTF. Out of these, the most liked appeared to be friends.
-Apparently, I forgot to put “Life” in the choices of the question that had to do with categories readers liked and disliked. Whoops. That was an important one. I think I forgot to put it because I just realized it’s not showing up in my sidebar’s list of categories. Uhhhhh. o_O
-I should definitely not be lazy in posting pictures. You guys like seem to like that.
-Some of you think I wouldn’t care about your opinion so you don’t comment. I actually strongly encourage commenting on my posts. I really like to hear what others have to say about my posts or whatever.
-Whether or not I should make more pages like my About Me page is pretty split.
-Who or what the heck is Goulet? Because apparently, I need more of it. (Is it this guy?)

And with that, the survey is closed. Thanks for your time if you answered. I really appreciate the input. :D