A Decade of Blogging

I just realized that I’ve officially been blogging for over a decade.  I started this blog in 2006, but the original “Phil’s Waste-of-Bandwidth Website” blog started in March 2004 and ran on Greymatter for a couple of years until I switched to WordPress.

The WayBack Machine has a snapshot of my original blog from June/July/August of 2004…sort of cringey to read, but it’s there!


After 7 years of arbitrary site versions, I officially declare this to be the 10th version of inphiltrate.com.  This means absolutely nothing.  Just sayin’.

This post also means that my site is now on the new host.  So hooray for Hostgator. :D  You have no idea how much I’ve missed cPanel.

New host yet again

I’ll be moving to a new host within the next week, so if my site is down, that’d be why.

I got a great Cyber Monday deal on HostGator hosting for the next 3 years, so hopefully I won’t have to do this again for a while. :)

Where have all the Tweets gone?

I recently made my Twitter updates private. I won’t explain why publicly (don’t worry, no drama), but you can be assured they will remain that way for a while. Sorry if you read them and can’t anymore, but then again, I’m pretty sure more people read my Twitter updates than anything else, and they all have Twitter accounts and follow me already.

I replaced the Twitter feed in my sidebar with a link to my fiction blog. I have been promoting it more lately because, as it has turned out, I now update that blog more than this one. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing to me; it’s just a reflection on what I like writing about more these days (fiction over nonfiction). It may be a bad thing to anyone that reads this blog though, since I doubt most people would be interested in the sappy crap I write.

New host! (at the Disco?)

I’m sure no one noticed, but my site was down for about a day starting sometime yesterday. The guy that was letting me host with him for free had to let his hosting lapse for this month, and even though he let me know over a week ago, I still put off finding a different way to keep inphiltrate running. I’m currently hosting with Nexx, which cost a grand total of $9.95 for 1 year with the coupon code “FREE1.” I miss having cPanel (seriously, custom control panels are never as good), but other than that, so far, so good.

Site news aside, I don’t have much to say except that I’m really excited for Panic! At the Disco’s new album (and man, it feels good to have that ! back in there).


Oh hey, it’s a blog post

44 thousand words

This is what I’ve been all about lately.  When I feel like writing, it goes into a jumbled mess of over 44 thousand other words that I hope will one day be a 50 thousand+ word novel that will sell at least 10 copies.  :D

I realize that I have been neglecting this blog more than I have ever done so before, but I do update inphiltrate fiction usually at least once a month, but that’s just writing stuff.  I usually try to keep all of my writing stuff over there, but lately this has been consuming my time a bit more than it normally has, so I thought I’d give it a plug over here.


…and I’m back.

inphiltrate.com is back and now running on my friend James’ hosting.  Okay, so I’m sure no one even noticed the site was down…considering it wasn’t even down for that long and whatnot.

Images may still be broken for now.



My site will be down for a few days sometime in the coming weeks, as I will be moving to one of my friend’s webhosts. He has very graciously offered to let me host my site there for free, which will save me ~$142 on webhosting that I rarely use anyway. I don’t think anyone really visits this page anymore anyway (apart from Twitter links), since most posts are syndicated to Facebook and read there, but I thought I’d put a heads up here just in case.


Sometime back in late March/early April of this year, I randomly decided I wanted to go to grad school, so I scheduled an appointment to take the GRE, studied 45 minutes for it, applied for the ISDS masters program, and now I’m back in school. I thought I was done tagging posts with the “college” tag, but I guess I have another two and a half years of that (if my poor blog lasts that long).

Anyway, I haven’t updated in a while (surprise, surprise), so it’s catch up time. Back in July, a good bit of my family flew to North Carolina to spend a week at my brother’s cabin. It’s pretty awesome up there (except for the spotty cell phone coverage :P).

That’s me on Chimney Rock. The view was awesome. :)

That’s the sunset over the lake my brother’s cabin is on. Yeah, it was really pretty.

I got to fly in an airplane, ride on crazy curvy mountain roads, swim in a mountain lake, and go white water rafting; all things I’ve never done before. It was pretty awesome. If I ever get to go again, I want to take my car so I can drive on those roads. :P

I’ve been writing a good bit lately (for fun, not for school/work). I’m just shy of 40,000 words on “Business As Usual,” which I’m trying to get to novel status (50,000) during editing. Also, I decided I don’t like that title. :

My web hosting expires in about 27 days, and I don’t think I’m going to renew it. My friend James offered to host my site for me, and since I don’t really use it as much as I used to, I may just take him up on the offer and save myself some money.

I recently posted this on Facebook and on reddit (where I got my highest upvote count ever), so I’m going to put it here too so anyone that still reads this can watch it and get all nostalgic all over it with me.

What would one of my updates be without random embedded YouTube videos of music I’ve been listening to? In case you haven’t realized it yet, I like electro-*anything*, and these videos are proof.

Electro-post hardcore: