Time Ninja

I talk a lot about my novel that I’m almost done with, “We Put the ‘Dual’ in ‘Individual'” here, on my fiction blog, and on Twitter, but what I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned is that I have a second novel that’s halfway written and completely outlined. That novel is called “Time and Time Again,” and I am absolutely sure it’s the best storyline I’ve ever come up with. Writing the rest of it really excites me, but I’ve gotta finish WPTDII first. :)

I have been pricing quarter-liter street bikes (as well as the insurance for them), and I think I’m ready to say that I want one. After researching, I’m pretty sure I want the Kawasaki Ninja 250R. It’s a great starter bike, and would cost like $150/year to insure. Assuming I wouldn’t kill or maim myself on it, I’m pretty excited thinking about it, but that’s still a ways off.

The semester is almost over, and I’m finding it harder and harder to keep going with this school thing. I have been absolutely enamored of writing lately, and school puts a damper on that. Oh well, we’ll see.



Anyone wanna buy me an OCZ Vertex 3?

No, seriously. Please? :(

The end of this semester is really creeping up on me. I have a 15-20ish page paper to write, but the only thing I really feel like writing is fiction and editing my novel. This going-back-to-school thing is a lot of work. Can I just a get a master’s in obsessing over my car or something? That’d be cool.

Skrillex is the perfect combination of electro and dubstep. WOB WOB WOB WOOOBBBB.

Happy Easter, all. :)


Vocal Greetings

I was recently reading over and appreciating an old blog post I made, and I realized that if I let my blog die, I won’t have anything like that to look back on in the future.  That kind of sucks, so blog update is a go.

I’m not really sure how, but I managed to get A’s in my both of my classes.  GPA-wise, that means my first semester of graduate school was better than any semester of undergraduate.

Christmas is my favorite time of year for multiple reasons.  I enjoy the weather more than I enjoy our blazing hot, humid Louisiana summers, and it’s generally a pretty tranquil season.  It’s a little more difficult to go shopping, but I guess that’s okay.

After two full years of writing the Tech News and Advice column for Tiger Weekly, I’m officially done. Tiger Weekly is getting a top-down rebranding, and though all old writers were invited to reapply for the new paper, I’m not going to. I honestly don’t think my column was a very good fit for the paper for multiple reasons, even though I enjoyed writing it and have received positive feedback on it before.

I recently bought a house, and I am really enjoying it.  It’s nice to have an awesome kitchen and a decent-sized bathroom and a garage (oh how I love my garage).

Stuff like this really makes me wish I lived in Japan:

I’m really not too big into the Vocaloid thing (yet), but that live Vocaloid concert thing is hella cool (yes, I know this isn’t new and the Gorillaz have done it before, but still).  Japan is freakin’ crazy (crazy awesome).

(Gah, this post was so fragmented.  I need blogging practice.)



Sometime back in late March/early April of this year, I randomly decided I wanted to go to grad school, so I scheduled an appointment to take the GRE, studied 45 minutes for it, applied for the ISDS masters program, and now I’m back in school. I thought I was done tagging posts with the “college” tag, but I guess I have another two and a half years of that (if my poor blog lasts that long).

Anyway, I haven’t updated in a while (surprise, surprise), so it’s catch up time. Back in July, a good bit of my family flew to North Carolina to spend a week at my brother’s cabin. It’s pretty awesome up there (except for the spotty cell phone coverage :P).

That’s me on Chimney Rock. The view was awesome. :)

That’s the sunset over the lake my brother’s cabin is on. Yeah, it was really pretty.

I got to fly in an airplane, ride on crazy curvy mountain roads, swim in a mountain lake, and go white water rafting; all things I’ve never done before. It was pretty awesome. If I ever get to go again, I want to take my car so I can drive on those roads. :P

I’ve been writing a good bit lately (for fun, not for school/work). I’m just shy of 40,000 words on “Business As Usual,” which I’m trying to get to novel status (50,000) during editing. Also, I decided I don’t like that title. :

My web hosting expires in about 27 days, and I don’t think I’m going to renew it. My friend James offered to host my site for me, and since I don’t really use it as much as I used to, I may just take him up on the offer and save myself some money.

I recently posted this on Facebook and on reddit (where I got my highest upvote count ever), so I’m going to put it here too so anyone that still reads this can watch it and get all nostalgic all over it with me.

What would one of my updates be without random embedded YouTube videos of music I’ve been listening to? In case you haven’t realized it yet, I like electro-*anything*, and these videos are proof.

Electro-post hardcore:



B.S. in Atom

I graduated on Friday. That was cool. :D So now I’m done with school and looking for a job, and I guess this is my last post that will be tagged with “College.” I have an interview in the beginning of January, but I really doubt that’ll go anywhere.

So right now, I’m just chilling in Houma, and since I finally have enough free time to post pictures, I think I’ll do just that!

(Click on the thumbnails for the full-size image for all of the pictures in this post.)

And here’s the cake I made last week.

I have a lot more pictures that I haven’t posted, but I think they’re too old to post now, so I won’t bother. :P

Anywho, on to a new subject! Since I graduated, I got my Mini 9. :D

So at first, it just looks like a normal laptop.


It’s SOOO small! And I mean that in a good way. This is the entire power brick too. For all of the pictures I took, check out my Mini 9 page – http://www.inphiltrate.com/mini9/


Graduating! :D

LiveJournal CrossPoster is working again (upgraded to a newer version). All posts that weren’t crossposted are now crossposted.

My grades are all in. It’s like, my best grades ever. Super awesome. So I graduate on Friday. I’m pretty excited! :D I’d be a lot more excited if I had a job, but having some time off will be nice too.


The (Shipped) Gold Standard

“You can only blame your problems on my world for so long
Before it all becomes the same old song”

Enjoying that song right now. :D

I have a good bit on my mind, but it’s mostly good stuff. I got a B in MGT 3830 and an A in ISDS 4117, and I passed my internship class (it’s pass or fail – no A, B, C, D, F). Waiting on one more grade. I was really worried about management, which turned out to be for nothing.

Also, my LiveJournal crossposting plugin stopped working (fatal error is apparently fatal).


Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes

I made a cake a while ago for my dad. It looks nice, but I think it was baked a little too long.


Michelle and I are going out again, for all interested. Again, no details, but there’s not really that much to tell right now anyway. :P

I like the color of this hoodie. I’d say I want it, but we don’t have enough cold weather for me to own 2 hoodies and a jacket.

Classes are all over. My Systems Analysis exam was a mess. I was in Houma on Thursday, so I had to go to Baton Rouge to take my exam in all of the snow. Then an hour and a half before the exam, my professor sent us an email telling us not to come to class and that our exam would be online. So I went out and enjoyed the snow for a little while (pictures later – nothing too interesting though), and then went back to Houma. I brought some snow home and put it in the freezer, even though it just turns into a block of ice. I mean, who knows when I’ll see it again? 1989, 1997, 2004, and 2008 are the times I’ve seen snow, I think, and that’s just not enough, cause it’s really cool (literally, har har). D:

Uh…I have more to say, kind of, but I’m tired of writing. So. Done. :P


One Week Left

The results of this survey are pretty interesting so far. I’ve gotten about as many results as I thought I would, which is not that many. :P It looks like a lot of people answered similarly on some parts and completely different on others. Just to make sure you guys understand, I do plan on using the results of this survey to further the development of my blog.

I know I said I wouldn’t post any individual results of the survey, but there was one that got me that I feel like I have to respond to (it’s not personally identifiable anyway). So, I won’t post the exact comment, I’ll just respond to it, and you can probably judge whether or not you were the one that posted this: my blog is my personal blog, it’s not a technology blog. I used to have a technology blog that was separate from this, but then I realized that I was splitting my already low readership between two blogs, so I figured just one personal blog with everything was better. I do often have a tagline on my blog that reflect some aspect of technology, but that’s mostly a joke between me and my roommate. :P

So, I’ve got one week left of college. Then I’m done, most likely for good. I have to turn in something tomorrow that I’ve already completed, and then I have an exam on Thursday and maybe a little something else to do for ISDS 4125, then I’m done. Exciting, but kind of stressful. Hope I don’t majorly screw something up.

For anyone that reads my Tiger Weekly articles, my last one will be appearing in this week’s paper, and then I’m done, unless the editor can’t find someone else to write the tech news and advice column, then I’ll keep writing it until he does.

Christmas shopping is almost done. Need a little something else for my sister then that’s it.

So, judging from my survey, I should write about technology a little more than I currently do. Maybe I should’ve been linking to my Tiger Weekly articles this past year instead of just posting them on Facebook. Hmm.

Anyway, that’s it for now. You guys keep safe. :)


Back to your regularly scheduled program

I thank everyone for your comments on my last entry. It was interesting to see that people of many different political beliefs agreed with me. Though, I guess that shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise since the article I linked to got upmodded on Reddit – a community filled with enough liberals to hug a whole rain forest (haha, a tree hugging joke). I guess it’s nice to know that being open-minded doesn’t mean abandoning your beliefs.

I have traditionally posted on Thanksgiving about being thankful and what I am thankful for. I’ll admit, I forgot, but being thankful isn’t limited to one day of the year, so I won’t let that stop me from at least saying that I am very thankful for my fiancée, my family, my friends, and all of the other important people in my life, as well as our health, well-being, and all of the material things I have, both that I need and don’t need.

I didn’t go shopping on Black Friday like I used to do. There were no deals I really wanted besides the Dell Mini 9, and that was online. I already had about half of my Christmas shopping done anyway, and I got even more done on Sunday.

School is coming to a close for good. Getting a masters degree seems like a waste since my degree by itself is actually useful, and I have a feeling once that degree is in my hands, I’ll never want to sit in a classroom ever again. But hey, I may change my mind, so we’ll see.

This entire semester, my management professor has been referring to a “Wild Card” assignment. In our syllabus, the exact line used to describe the assignment is:

Students have the choice of earning 30 points through an additional project relevant to the course.

See that key word? “choice“. Now, reading that, you’d think that meant the assignment was a bonus assignment, right? Nope! Wrong! Just last week, our professor informed us that “choice” apparently means you don’t have to do it to pass, but you’ll lose 30 points if you don’t do it. Pretty much, it’s kind of like saying you don’t have to take an exam, but if you don’t, you’ll fail it.

To do this week:
Meet with Carolyn Bourne for my ISDS 3075 class
Make cheat sheet for my MGT 3830 class
Write “Wild Card” paper for my MGT 3830 class
-Write final case paper for my MGT 3830 class
Finish presentation for my ISDS 4125 class
Prepare for ISDS 4117 presentation
-Go to the registrar’s office
Go to the bookstore and buy my cap and gown
-Write my (last?) Tiger Weekly article

Oh, and I’m sure you figured this out, but I’ve implemented a new theme…again.