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For the past year or so, I’ve been pretty heavily enjoying the McElroy family of products – that is, Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy’s various Internet entertainment properties.¬† They’re mainly podcasters, but Justin and Griffin work for Polygon and produce a pretty significant amount of video content for Polygon’s YouTube channel. ¬†The three also have a 6 episode TV series that was a Seeso original, before Seeso folded and VRV got the show.

The focus of the current version of my blog is sharing not only my opinions on not-very-controversial stuff (like tech reviews), but also sharing things I like, and this post is about the latter.

If I had to give a broad overview of the McElroys, I’d say that their content has brought more joy and laughter into my life in the past year than any TV show or movie, or hands down. ¬†Their main podcast is My Brother, My Brother, and Me, which is a comedy advice podcast (and also the name of the TV show on VRV), and probably the best place to start if you’re interested in checking them out.¬† MBMBaM is wonderful and everyone should give it a try.

My Brother, My Brother, and Me – podcast

My Brother, My Brother, and Me – TV show

If you are into Dungeons and Dragons, they have a D&D podcast that I’m pretty far behind on.¬† This one is more specifically nerdy than most of the others, but as a person that’s only played D&D once in his life, it’s still quite enjoyable.

The Adventure Zone

For fans of comedy and learning about medicine, Justin does a show with his wife, Sydnee (who is an actual doctor), about medical history and how badly human beings have goofed up in the past.  I really enjoy this one.


Griffin does a show with his wife where they just talk about things they like, which I think is a poor sell for the show, because it’s very upbeat and pure.¬† While not really a comedy show, it’s got Griffin in it, so…there are comedic moments.


Griffin and Justin are the creators of Monster Factory (part of their day jobs at Polygon), so if you’ve heard of The Final Pam or the Boy Mayor of Second Life, those were the brainchildren of my good, good McElroy boys.

Monster Factory

I’ve yet to delve into too much of Travis’ stuff, purely because my podcast app is overflowing with content right now, but he does a few shows, including one with his wife and a couple with friends.¬† There is also a ton of other McElroy content that you can find on McElroyShows.com, but I do think I’ve listed out some of the best stuff here.

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